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Beautiful black women have always fascinated me. I kept on imagining the sexual structure of a dark human body. Are they sweeter and also very different from what am familiar with? I got all those answers when I invited a dark female friend over to my place. Despite her complexion, I liked her body physique. She had a juicy round ass that blended perfectly with her figure eight shape. I admired her walking styles and the sexy eyes she could set at me and roll them away sometimes in shyness. We had just had warm coffee, and we were on the couch sitting close holding each other as we watched TV together.

Before we know it I was slowly unbuttoning her top, which didn’t entirely cover her sexy ample breasts. She breathed heavily as I held and massaged them softly. She grabbed me tighter to her and deep kissed me continuously as she lowered my fly. I felt awesomely different. My penis was already erect and pulsing.

Within no time, we were naked on bed arousing one another. Her sex magic felt real in me. I entirely felt her touch and moves as she twisted and massaged every sensitive sexual part in me. Her body was soft and smooth. Her shaved pussy felt wet, deep and tight and kept arousing me a minute after another. We started with her on top position which she acted on so well. She moved her pussy over my penis over and over then got my penis in, deep into her. She exhaled and sighed with a feeling of sweetness that made me pump her harder. Time after time we changed positions of which she knew better. I felt like she was over me sending my orgasm to the topmost levels.

We had sex from bed to floor, to the kitchen, and on the coach. Her pussy grew even wet. She also could put her legs together tightening her vagina more to execute more pleasure in me. I just loved her style. Her dark complexion drew my feeling even more to her having witnessed her bedroom tactics. Our sex lasted for about one and a half hour and I felt like that was the best sex I ever had. I wished for her extended stay and decided that she was going to be my new girl I hired every time I call Charlotte Action Escorts.